Fazer offers food experiences for business, industry and public offices. Fazer restaurants are available in Finland, Sweden and Denmark, while in Norway we operate with the Wilberg brand. The focus of Fazer restaurants is to take responsibility for our guest's well-being and offer taste sensations.


Quote from client 

“When it comes to food we always want to be ahead of the curve.”

Innovative solutions, improved quality and the evolution of food are key throughout the contract. We look for a wide range of choices that can be nicely presented and brought to life in our restaurants.

The focus of Fazer restaurants is to offer taste sensations and take responsibility for our guests' well-being.

In Finland, we co-operate with the Finnish Heart Association to promote healthy food choices. In Sweden, most of our restaurants conform to the Swedish National Food Agency's Keyhole symbol to help consumers identify healthier options when buying food.

We also operate restaurants with Swedish organic KRAV certification and the ø certificate in Denmark.

Our value proposition

A restaurant experience that touches all your senses and leave you with a feeling of making the right choice – for your health and wellbeing, and for a more sustainable society.

Our restaurants are based on open and interactive co-operation. We take responsibility for ethical sourcing choices, more vegetables and less meat, less waste and energy savings, while promoting well-being taste sensations.


Quote from client 

“We need to create experiences for the employees. Something that can inspire!”

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