Eat better.
Think better.

Food affects cognitive performance and brain health. So how can we eat better to think better? And how can technology help us?

What's brainfood?

Together with physical and mental exercise − and a good night's sleep − food is key to cognitive performance and brain health.

Brain health is important for personal well-being, social interaction and professional performance. It's important for us as individuals and for society as a whole.

"The link between good nutrition, physical development and healthy minds is pretty clear. What children eat at lunch impacts how they perform in class."
- Peter Welch, Head Teacher, International School of Helsinki

"The link between good nutrition, physical development and healthy minds is pretty clear. What children eat at lunch impacts how they perform in class."

So assuming we have to eat well to think well, what kind of brainfood can help us think and feel better? And how can we harness digitalisation and health technology?

Opening up for innovation

At Fazer Food Services we're studying the connection between food and cognitive performance. The goal is to create innovative solutions that maintain and improve brainpower.

Open innovation is the name of the game, with Fazer Brainfood Hack one example of how gaming and collaboration can speed up the search for new solutions. To the hack we welcome digital problem-solvers to co-develop solutions to a number of challenges. Here are four challenges to start with.

The digital plate model

How can we help individuals make better daily choices for their productivity with seamless digital services? How can we use and analyse the growing amount of personal data related to food, sleep, activity, recovery, meditation and biomarkers? How can different dietary choices play a role? How can we re-invent the plate model of balanced nutrition for the digital era?

Disrupt workplace catering

How can we disrupt workplace catering so that it better supports employees’ cognitive performance and productivity? How can we nudge people to make better choices via on-site displays, apps, sensors and other digital services? How can we create a solution that's appealing and includes engagement incentives?

Track cognitive performance

How can we measure cognitive performance in an effective and fun way? How can we make tracking easy, available and as automated as step counters, or gamify it so that it becomes motivational, inspiring and something that you want to share with your friends like many sports applications?

Improve cognitive performance

How can we together improve the cognitive performance and brainpower at different ages: daycare and school children, students, employees, seniors? How can we connect and strengthen the link between food and nutrition to brain health.

What happens next?

We're going to build a stronger science-based understanding of food and cognition. We're going to collaborate in order to explore the world of cognitive performance and the role that food, nutrition and lifestyle factors play. And we hope to discover new opportunities for products and services together with you.

Want to talk?

Are you passionate about food and improving people's well-being? Do you have a great idea for measuring mental agility? Do you want to be part of disrupting workplace catering to better support employee performance?

Eat to think. Eat better to think better. Don't hesitate to get in touch.