Who we are

Fazer Food Services exists to make a difference, from large scale to detail

People care about what they eat more than ever before. They are aware of how food impacts their health and general well-being, both body and mind and it's clear that food has become much more than simply fuel to get through the day. Our restaurants provide the space to relax, socialize and recharge. The right food choices have a positive impact on our environment, on us and can boost productivity by providing an in-house taste experience.

Taking food seriously

From the sourcing of ingredients to preparing food from scratch, to presentation with pride and the delivery of taste sensations, we strive to demonstrate how we can support our clients and guests to make the right food choices and perform better in their daily lives. We never compromise with the quality of the ingredients or great taste and we believe that sustainable food is quality food.

Boosting your business

Food has many roles: it helps students remain alert in the classroom, assists hospital patients in their recovery, boosts office workers to achieve higher goals and keeps those who work with physically demanding professions on top of their tasks.

Fazer Food Services’ 6,000 passionate, skilled and committed staff are on hand to meet the needs of our 40,000 hungry clients and guests at our more than 1,200 restaurants. Every one of our 500,000 daily meals is important to us, because we know how important it is for you. "We believe that we can have a positive impact on the well-being of our guests, by serving half a million great-tasting, healthy meals every day."

- Andreas Berggren, Managing Director of Fazer Food Services

“We believe that we can have a positive impact on the well-being of our guests, by serving half a million great-tasting, healthy meals every day.”


Our roots can be traced back some 125 years.

From humble beginnings on a Helsinki street corner we have developed and grown into an international business while maintaining our Nordic roots. While change has been constant, what remains is our commitment to our clients, guests and staff; and to quality, sustainability, service and innovation.

The company was originally founded in 1891 by Karl Fazer when he opened our first café, the French Russian at Kluuvikatu 3 in the centre of Helsinki. In 1894, the manufacture of chocolate and confectionary was launched in Helsinki and four years later a new factory was opened at Tehtaankatu 29.

The Fazer name was registered as a trademark in 1908 and by 1919 the business had grown to the entire block around the Tehtaankatu factory. Our first shop in Sweden was opened in 1920 and the business continued to grow during the interwar and postwar years.

Fazer Food Services, then known as Amica Catering, was founded in 1976. Two years later in 1978, Fazer bought Working Site Service, the forerunner in workplace catering with roots dating back to 1944 and founded by Lotta Swärd.

In 2000 Fazer Confectionary joined forces with Swedish Cloetta AB to form Cloetta Fazer AB. The union lasted eight years before the two brands were separated back to independent companies.

In 2012 The Swedish Fazer Culinary Team won the Community Catering class at the Culinary World Cup, a feat which was repeated in 2014. This year 2016, Fazer Culinary Teams from both Finland and Sweden competed. Fazer managed to defend the position as world champions within contract catering! Fazer Culinary Team Finland got the highest score and was announced Olympic champions, followed closely by Fazer Culinary Team Sweden who defended their gold medal from 2012 and ended up in second place after their Finnish colleagues.