Fazer Food Services stands for food with a purpose. As the leading food service company in the Nordic countries, we serve delicious and nutritionally balanced meals to hundreds of thousands of people every day. We strive to make a difference in the lives of our customers as well as to the entire planet.

The demand for healthy and flexitarian options is growing as the well-being and sustainability trends continue. Our offering includes high-quality plant-based meals and we encourage our customers to increase their consumption of greens. However, we respect our customers’ right to make individual choices, and offer them opportunities for indulgence as well.

Performance in 2017

In 2017, our net sales increased somewhat, and we maintained a strong position in the Nordic countries despite increasing competition especially in the public sector. Our focus has been growth in the public sector, and we signed our first public contract in Norway. A brand renewal was started, and it will continue in 2018 with the refreshing of the Amica brand and continued building of the new Fazer Food & Co restaurant brand.

Fazer of the Future

The ambition for Fazer Food Services is to continue to grow profitably. We currently have 1,200 restaurants in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We aim for growth in each country, and across multiple sectors. We will strengthen our focus on strategic sales and develop our operating models to support us in reaching our ambition. We will expand our capabilities by recruiting new talent and developing our line management.

The public sector will continue to be an important growth area, and the outsourcing rate of food services is expected to grow in the sector. We aim to be the first choice of public decision-makers. We will continue to promote the consumption of vegetables and plant-based foods to promote the well-being of restaurant guests and mitigate the environmental impacts of food production.