For several decades, the Helsinki Olympic Stadium has provided a platform for domestic and international events in Finland. The modernised Olympic Stadium is set to continue this tradition with a focus on experiences, well-being and a sense of community. Adding to the appeal of the venue, Fazer has been selected to provide restaurant and catering services that facilitate meaningful encounters both in everyday life and in the form of meetings, events and visits to the stadium and its tower.

The Helsinki Olympic Stadium is undergoing a modernisation project that aims to redefine it as a venue for both major international events and daily visits. Fazer Food Services has been selected to support the stadium in this new era through food service operations. The procurement process begun in the spring of 2018, and the restaurant and catering service provider was selected in accordance with the process and regulations set in the Finnish Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts. In the selection process, particular emphasis was placed on the appropriateness of the operating concept, resources for its implementation, performance, quality management capabilities, responsiveness, price/quality ratio, focus on enjoyable experiences, and future innovations.

“We are honoured by this opportunity to build a modern service culture with new concepts at Finland’s largest event venue and its unique setting. Our plan for the Olympic Stadium is to construct a modifiable restaurant concept and service solutions. The most important elements from the customer’s perspective will be enjoyable experiences, quality excellence, authenticity – and smooth service supported by digital solutions, of course. In addition to major events, we will focus on ensuring that our restaurant and catering services enable the Olympic Stadium to become a meeting place that is open to everyone, individuals and businesses alike”, says Hannu Rahnasto, VP, Commercial at Fazer Food Services Finland.

The new restaurant at the stadium will be open every day, welcoming all visitors, enthusiasts and athletes, as well as people living in the city. The restaurant windows will offer customers a direct view of the stadium field. After the modernisation work is completed, the fully accessible restaurant will serve breakfast and lunch, along with bistro-style dishes and delicious café products available throughout the opening hours. A generous brunch will be served on the weekends.

Major events will be supported by an enhanced selection of high-quality services available to the audience in the new service areas of the stadium, combined with new and improved hospitality services. The new meeting and seminar rooms at the stadium will accommodate a wide range of events from meetings with a handful of attendees all the way to conferences. The location of the facilities, with the unique setting of the stadium and the various top-level events held there, offers an opportunity to provide exceptional experiences.

“In cooperation with Fazer Food Services, we will provide the Olympic Stadium with modifiable event and meeting facilities, as well as a restaurant operating in the heart of everyday life and serving customers all year round. When it comes to major events, our main focus will be placed on utilising new technology to ensure that everything runs smoothly”, says Marju Paju, Marketing and communication director at Helsinki Olympic Stadium.


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