You're unique. And so are the needs of your organisation.

Why Fazer Food Services?

We're convinced that if we listen carefully enough to what you need we can deliver the food experience you want. Your food experience. Our focus. It's what we do.

We will change the way you look at food.

Serving food that satisfies in the moment is something everyone operating in the field can offer. The way we see things is that what happens between those food moments is just as important.

What our clients see on their plates is just the tip of the iceberg, and under the surface lies endless amounts of research, innovation and aspiration to walk the extra mile for the people and the planet.

Brainhow, green nudging and the internationally acclaimed culinary know-how are just some of the things that distinguish us from our competitors. Together these things will open up new untapped opportunities for serving guests better in our business. The result: happier, more focused school kids, students, employees and seniors.

Food - Balance is well-being

Food matters. It helps daycare children learn to interact, school children to understand the importance of variety and nutrition, students to stay alert, people in hospital to recover and employees to energize. Few things are more important than a balanced diet built on ethically-sourced, healthy and nutritious food.

Click for reference cases and research on food, productivity, health and well-being.

Taste - Brands for taste sensations & the whole food experience

Food is more than fuel.

The whole food experience impacts on guest satisfaction and net promoter scores. From the moment you experience our food we hope you'll know it's ours. What you see. What you hear. What you smell. What you taste. We want you to be proud of your food.

Ethically-sourced food at a reasonable price, cooked from fresh ingredients and unleashing taste sensations you won't tire of. All served with a smile. Read more about our solutions and brands.

Service-minded - Look each guest in the eye. And smile.

Our chefs, restaurant managers and kitchen personnel are our heroes. If they look you in the eye and great you with a smile, you'll probably smile. Simple, kind words. A human touch.

Many parts of the service impact guest satisfaction. How we behave, how we talk, menu variety and all the way down to the assortment of bread available. Attention to detail is key and it's not just what we do that matters. It's how we do it.

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Responsibility - Source responsibly and make a difference

Food matters. And if you're sourcing food you know you can make a difference. Do you want to make a move to better food?

Value-driven organisations making the right ethical choices in producing, sourcing and preparing food can make positive social, economic and ecological impacts. Every small step towards better food can lead to big wins in terms of sustainability.

Read more on corporate responsibility and how we can make a difference, together, on social, economic and ecological sustainability.

Budget - Good food at a reasonable price

Responsibly-sourced food costs more. But does it have to cost as much as you think?

As the leading family-owned Nordic food service supplier we can support you to meet service level agreements, simplify administration and manage operational costs for food and logistics over the longer term.

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Long-term business partnership - Here today, here tomorrow

Fazer Food Services is part of the Fazer Group, a family-owned business with a long history and proven track record since. Here today. Here tomorrow. A long-term and innovative business partner that you can trust.

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We want you to be proud of your restaurant. And if we can build a business partnership based on listening, sharing and innovation, we'll probably succeed.

Your food experience. Our focus.

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