Fazer is launching a new Wicked Rabbit vegetarian food concept, offering especially tasty vegetarian foods for everyone to enjoy. The concept also aims to gently guide people's attitudes towards vegetarian food. The Wicked Rabbit will be launched as a pop-up restaurant at the What's cooking food carnival in Teurastamo, Helsinki, on 8 April. The artful, delicious dinner will be produced by Fazer Culinary Team, the winners of the Culinary Olympics of 2016.

Increasing use of vegetables is a trend that improves the sustainability of Finnish diets. Fazer has strongly invested in promoting this trend in recent years. At Fazer restaurants, the vegetable-promoting attitude has been seen in the presentation of dishes, the chefs' training and in the development of vegetarian recipes. During Finland's 100th anniversary, this trend continues to grow at Fazer restaurants, which have chosen vegetarian food as the leading theme for 2017. The launch of the Wicked Rabbit vegetarian food concept is part of this project.

"A flexible vegetarian diet, also known as a flexitarian diet, and people's interest in their personal well-being have boosted the popularity of vegetarian food.We want to lead the trend and support our customers' wish to eat healthy, yet tasty food. Wicked Rabbit takes the vegetarian revolution at our restaurants one step further", explains Marianne Nordblom, Director, Gastronomy and Product Development of Fazer Food Services. 


The playful rabbit reminds us of how delicious vegetables can be

This vegetarian food concept can be recognised from a cheeky rabbit, with a twinkle in its eye. Wicked Rabbit not only aims to broaden our culinary worlds but also wants to humorously encourage a change in attitudes towards vegetarian food.

"The food masterfully produced by the playful rabbit is so good that you'll get hooked on it. The Wicked Rabbit takes food to new delicious heights, far removed from mere 'rabbit food'". This is a new experience-based and flavoursome concept that also happens to be a vegetarian restaurant, Marianne Nordblom explains. 

The new concept helps Fazer to offer delicious and colourful food to suit all tastes. High-quality Finnish vegetables are the foundation of the diverse Wicket Rabbit menu, with plenty of variations exploiting the season's vegetables.

"Vegetarian food is so much more versatile today than it used to be. Trendy vegetables, such as kale, pumpkin, black salsify and Jerusalem artichoke, grow in popularity and fill shop shelves.  The Wicked Rabbit menu especially favours carrot, which is a source of so many colourful, culinary delights", Marianne Nordblom continues.


The Wicked Rabbit vegetarian food concept will be launched at the What's cooking food carnival in Teurastamo, Helsinki, on 8 April.

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