Fazer Food Services is a value-driven organisation and it’s our people who make the difference.


With almost 6,000 people proudly taking responsibility to deliver taste sensations at our more than 1200 restaurants, we are a major employer and an opportunity for those seeking to stake out a career in food services and hospitality.

Our people philosophy is based on four cornerstones.

Passionate about food and service

We are passionate about food and our guests, and we want to attract people with the same passion. Food and guests are uppermost in our minds and in order to give the best support to our restaurants, everybody within Fazer Food Services meets guests and clients regularly.

We promote gastronomy through award-winning culinary teams and competitions, and we're proud and honoured by the success of Fazer people. We keep ahead of food trends and food technology developments.

We take responsibility to ensure that our staff are offered relevant, excellent training opportunities. This training is focused on gastronomy, service, leadership and IT. And we actively encourage apprenticeships.

We promote service in every corner of our organisation, employing service trainers with a focus on excellence and building service teams.

Leadership is key to customer satisfaction

Restaurant leadership is key to meeting your needs. We look for leaders who are skilled chefs, who treat people well and who are responsive to change and innovation. In return we offer comprehensive leadership and administrative training.

We offer an inspiring food environment where networking with professional colleagues, elevating taste sensations and developing our guest philosophy are an integral part of the job. We offer generous and fair remuneration and reward packages.

Helping develop successful careers

We aim to enable our people to become successful and develop their careers within a leading professional Nordic food service company.

How do we practice? With 1,200 restaurants spread across the Nordics we offer fantastic opportunities for a career in restaurant management for school-leavers, university graduates and established professionals. Once you're part of the Fazer family there are many opportunities for advancement and comprehensive training plans to support multiple career paths.

With a mix of on-the-job experience and face-to-face courses our people can learn what it takes for success: from menu-planning, food preparation, purchasing, back office admin and restaurant leadership. And we actively monitor the progress and performance of our people with employee satisfaction surveys and specialist support.

Fazer Food Services is a responsible, professional Nordic company with a keen sense of heritage. We adopt and follow collective agreements, monitor well-being and promote equality, hygiene, CSR and safety.

Empowering people to make decisions and meet customer needs

We want to encourage a sense of ownership among our restaurant managers and staff. Within an agreed framework, our leaders are empowered to make decisions and express their passion for food and serving guests. This approach is built on trust, pride and the freedom to act.

Highly professional, skilled managers and staff are a prerequisite for empowerment and we measure results and celebrate success. Strong values, a clear philosophy, transparent communication and broader guidelines are crucial to this process.

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