Five common pitfalls when striving to reduce food waste at your office lunch restaurants.

Hate to see deliciousness discarded daily at your office lunch restaurant? Longing for a way to make real impact on today’s environmental issues?  A structured way of working to reduce food waste with the guests of the company lunch facility, is not just great for your employer branding and your company CR objectives, it actually makes you feel a little bit better too …. just make sure to watch out for the most common pitfalls.

Reducing the amount of food wasted, left uneaten, thrown away, is one of the single actions that we all can do to make a positive environmental impact.  Still one third of the food produced for human consumption is wasted every year (More info about this in the  Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction, FAO).

In our work with serving 500 000 lunches daily, while having a strong-minded way to look at food waste, we have gathered, earned and sweated out some knowledge on how to NOT work with our lunch guests when trying to decrease the amount of food thrown in the bin. Here it goes…

Do not sweep things under the carpet

Being mister or miss perfect is a rare way to success in making people inspired and engaged in any cause. If you want to cut through the noise of all other responsibilities and concerns that are currently on the slates of your lunch guests, do not be afraid of showing some transparency. Share with them your choices, your concerns and your wins in the daily honouring of food.  Only by telling them your own stories will you inspire your restaurant guests to take responsibility of their own.

Don’t put yourself at centre

Sharing your thoughts on how to help ME and our planet is far more interesting to me than listening to your thoughts about YOURSELF. Bear this in mind whenever you bring a subject up, putting up a poster, banner or a sign.

Avoid being fake

Great examples happen all the time; in the kitchens, in the restaurants and even on the way home. Polished example stories featuring fake personas will never be as strong as the real thing, told by real voices.

Responsible does NOT equal Boring

Come on and loosen up! Don’t be afraid of making this a bit fun; for guests and employers. Responsibility will be the new black for ages to come, so we might as well start to work on the variations to make it enjoyable.

No stunts without proper measurements

Funny is all good, but not alone. With no baseline and no proper measurements, how will you be able to show the progress? And how will you ever be able to crack a joke about it?

By learning to avoid these five pitfalls, we aim to decrease the food waste in our restaurants*.  A systematic and continuous approach is important when it comes to reducing food waste is important for us.  Want to read learn more about how to reduce food waste when serving lunch at your office, factory or university? Download a guide for how to reduce food waste .


*)Fazer Food Services has set the Reducing of Food Waste as an important KPI for our business. We will reduce food waste for storage and display in restaurants with 5g/portion by 2017. In addition, we will also through campaigning and portioning development reduce guest waste in restaurants with 5g/portion by 2017. While in the short-term perspective putting our focus on the areas of food waste that we can affect the most, our long-term striving is towards a holistic approach based on the circular economy concept.