Part of what we do is constantly staying in tune with what’s up on the food scene. To listen in and be in the know: Of what’s trending right now, as well as of that next big thing. Caring is sharing, and from a recent trend report compiled by Swedish Food & Friends, we have picked up a few observations that we find extra interesting.

The trends of Experience and Speed seem set to become even bigger this year. And happily these concepts are square at the centre of what we are working with in our restaurant Fazer Food & Co. So, let us tell you a little bit about them!

Experience – beyond food
Increasingly, customers are expecting an experience beyond the food itself when they go for a meal. Using different themes, interiors or assigning different roles to the staff – there is no limit to the ways in which restaurants go about to achieve this. For example, some restaurants have chosen to focus on having a great sound system in order dish up music with their food. Others let the guests participate in a play while they eat, with the whole restaurant a stage. We even heard about a restaurant built like a maze that the customers have to make their way through.

It is all about giving the guests something extra, preferably something over and beyond what they expect and its sole purpose is to enhance the customer experience.

At our restaurants Fazer Food & Co we have chosen to focus on great service and social experiences. And at the heart of that is our staff. We have two employees at every Fazer Food & Co, whose main focus is to create a great social environment for our customers. The roles are called Mood Operator and Hero Chef. Our Mood Operator’s main task is to make sure that your experience is the best it can be. The Hero Chef focuses on socializing with the guests.

Making our guests feel welcome and appreciated, over and beyond the expected, is the experience we serve up at our Fazer Food & Co restaurants.

The need for speed
Everything in society is moving faster and faster, and our expectations on how quickly we should be serviced are higher than ever. There is a definite need for speed when it comes to food, but conversely customers don’t want fast food – so how does one provide food quickly without it being fast food?

Restaurants are trying meet these expectations with different strategies, some have self-service, some provide customers with more high-end vending machines and others simply try to be more accessible. And that’s what we are doing at Fazer. We are keeping our restaurants open to welcome early birds who want breakfast and staying open for those who want a late dinner.

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