Flow Festival is an urban music and arts festival in Helsinki, held every August. The music presented at Flow Festival is a varied selection of artists from indie rock to soul and jazz and from folk to contemporary club sounds – from both the Finnish and the international scene. In addition to music and other forms of art, food plays a vital role in the festival experience. Flow Festival and Fazer Food Services share the same views on sustainability, and we had the opportunity to offer tasty vegetarian meals for the festival guests through our Wicked Rabbit concept.

The fully vegan Wicked Rabbit menu was designed for the festival by Mika Pesonen, Captain of the Fazer Culinary Team Finland, which won the Catering series in the 2016 Culinary Olympics. Everything in the menu was made from domestic local ingredients. The Nordic Poke Bowl, designed for the Flow festival, gets its Nordic twist from locally produced vegetables, oats from Fazer’s mill in Lahti and domestically grown king oyster mushrooms. The festival risotto draws its inspiration from the Finnish woods and is made from ceps, sunflower seeds, spelt and hand-picked pine needles.

Flow Festival and Fazer Food Services share the same views on sustainability. Flow Festival guides and educates its food vendors in serving ecological dishes. They also favour organic and locally produced, pure and domestic ingredients as well as vegetarian food. These are also principles that we share in our restaurants throughout the Nordic countries.

The caterers at Flow Festival are provided with Sustainable Meal guidelines that are developed according to the principles of sustainable catering. They also receive an evaluation form focusing on e.g. the origin and ethical standards of the ingredients used, the energy efficiency of food production, logistics, packaging materials as well as the use of local, organic and seasonal products. Following these guidelines, caterers will offer a special Sustainable Meal option on their menu. Among all the Sustainable Meals served at the festival, a winner will be chosen based on a sustainability evaluation and the reviews of a taste panel. Among the panellists was the minister of the environment, energy and housing Kimmo Tiilikainen. Our Wicked Rabbit festival risotto reached the top 5 in the Sustainable Meal contest and was highly appreciated among the panellists.

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