The Foodservice’18 conference gather food producers, providers and chefs to discussions about the future of foodservice. And to elect this year’s product for the Foodservice Award 2018. Nothing really new, but still – positive habits ahead!

Good habits are finally trending

Many of the representatives on stage lifted a, not so new, but still so positive trend of veggie food and climate smart ingredients in the foodservice sector.

Fazer was represented through Ulrika Gunnerud, PhD in Nutrition and Senior Research Manager. Ulrika is a spokesperson for the Brainhow programme and manager for Fazer’s research department and during her speech she highlighted the importance of choosing the right food according to age. While children need their meals to give them strength and energy for learning and development, seniors needs can better be fulfilled by an mediterranean diet.

Foodservice Award 2018

The price of the Food service product 2018 is awarded a product that have had a particularly successful launch, contributed to innovation and created value for the restaurant and/or the kitchen and their guests. The prize is awarded by representatives from the Swedish food service business.

During the conference the winner of the Foodservice Award 2018 was elected. The winner is the new Halloumi burger from Fontana which makes it easier than ever to go green while going for burgers. Our conclusion from the Foodservice’18 is that the vegetarian trend truly is making its way out to the broad market. #moregreens


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