For the Nordics, December means darker times with less daylight, but also lighted candles, excitements and family gatherings filled with joy. A classic Christmas celebration usually means lots of traditional food, but can you keep your traditions and still celebrate in a sustainable way? Our latest survey regarding the Nordics attitude towards meals, trends and environment shows that the green alternatives are more popular than ever, but it’s also for the young generation, a way to show identity.

Around one third of the Nordic population are willing to adjust their diet due to protecting the environment. Eating more vegetable protein such as seitan and pulled oats.

Soybean for a sustainable sake is an alternative for 31% of the Swedes, 23% of the Danes and Norwegians, and 41% of the Finns. (Source: Fazer Food Services Consumer Survey, YouGov, June 2018).  The same study shows that the younger generation sees a vegetarian diet as a personal statement of identity.

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Food is also an increasingly conscious choice when it comes to, how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Using brain-friendly ingredients and food options designed to support a sustainable lifestyle will also be beneficial for our brain and our cognitive functions. Read more on brainfood on your plate

So, opting for a greener menu without compromising on taste or experience, create a sustainable Christmas table