It's okay to fail – but not to give up. Creating new, healthy habits is not easy – but the right approach makes it easier! One of Fazer Food Services dietitians, Maria Nygårds was interviewed in the Swedish magazine Må Bra on how to succeed with New Year’s resolutions.

How should you think when you want to create new habits? How do you choose the right diet and where do you start?

- Think about what new habits you want to add. Often it’s not a question of completely changing habits or choosing a particular diet, it’s more important to break a few bad habits like snacking between meals, eating large portions, drinking too much soda or wine or skipping meals – which only makes you really hungry, says Maria Nygårds.

According to Fazer's Lunch Report 2017, every third Swede skips lunch. And frequently end up with a higher energy intake spread over the rest of the day, which in the long run can result in some extra weight.

Should you start a new diet immediately, or is it better to take it a bit at a time?

- Unfortunately, there is no quick fix. If you change too much at once, it is difficult to keep it up. According to studies, it takes just over two months to create a new habit. In order to lose weight and maintain the weight loss, it is important to find a good balance between food and exercise that can be sustained for the rest of your life. Take a few steps at a time to reach your goal.

Maria Nygårds’ 7 best tips for better eating habits in 2018:

  1. Plan a weekly menu and shopping list – when you´re not hungry. When we stroll around the grocery store whilst hungry, we tend to make purchases that we didn't plan for.
  2. Making your purchases online is both easy and it keeps you from the temptation of buying groceries you don’t need. 
  3. Keep in mind that good habits are as habit-forming as bad eating habits, and that food is meant to be pleasurable.
  4. Clean the pantry from anything that you can be drawn to: cookies, chocolates and other things that make for easy snacks.
  5. Do not eat too quickly, put the cutlery down when chewing. Your stomach registers feelings of fullness after about 20 minutes.
  6. Take only one serving and use smaller plates.
  7. Keep in mind that daily exercise is important – walking to work or choosing the stairs – it’s not only the hours at the gym or the yoga that counts.

Don't worry – we´re here to help

New Year’s resolutions should not feel burdensome, but inspiring and fun. We´re here to help, offering you tasty menus developed from plant based food for your well-being.

And remember – It's okay to fail, but not to give up.

Maria Nygårds, Specialist Nutrition, Fazer Food Services Sweden