The company restaurant Z:äta at Volvo in Gothenburg opened its doors to guests this December. The restaurant, featuring the new Fazer Food & Co concept, offers an innovative, healthy and sustainable taste experience from morning to evening.

Z:äta offers everything from homemade bread, healthy lunches and freshly brewed coffee to takeaway meals. The new restaurant concept, with its extensive variety of food, has been much appreciated by guests.

- Fazer´s mission is “Food with a purpose”. We serve meals that not only taste good -but also do good – for body, mind and the environment. The restaurant chefs are tasked with constantly seeking new ways to provide guests with great food experiences. The menus are seasonal and inspired by different cultures, says Gunilla Wachtmeister, Key Account Manager Fazer Food Services.

Z:äta contributes to a more sustainable environment through different initiatives; such as a commitment to reduce food waste, composting what waste there is and minimizing plastic use. Organic produce is chosen whenever possible, and chefs are committed to using more vegetables and less meat.

- We are very excited to present the new restaurant and are looking forward to creating food experiences that make a positive impact, says Gunilla Wachtmeister.

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