Do you want to buy eco-friendly food, but still look for a bargain? Do you skip meat a few days a week? Are you sceptical against lab produced food? Well, you’re not alone. According to a recent study on food trends in the Nordics that we did together with Foresight Factory, a majority feel like you.

In spring 2017 we conducted a study on food trends together with Foresight Factory. One of the trends that we spotted is what we call the Pragmatic Green trend. This is what we learned.

Desire to consume eco-friendly
Today many individuals want to buy ethical and eco-friendly. We care a great deal for corporate responsibility. This willingness and care is however not always translated into actual purchasing behaviour. We want the brands we use to bear the burden, but we are not always willing for them to pass on any of the associated pain. This can put brands in an extremely difficult position, requiring them to maintain CSR commitments while keeping prices low or to constantly demonstrate their value without losing any of their green sheen.

Good by default
As awareness grows, e.g. of the environmental impact of eating red meat, so does consumers’ distaste for non-eco, unethical offerings.  Promises and propositions about doing limited harm to the environment and its inhabitants expand, and so do consumers’ expectations: companies and brands will be expected to be good by default, and demonstrate tangible proof of this.

Rise of the Flexitarians and meat moderators
Are you moderating your meats? The number of people that cut out all meat is still very much in minority. A quarter of the people we asked are completely unconcerned about meat consumption and never moderate it. But interestingly, over half of consumers occupy the space in between -  engaging in some form of meat moderation.
And this is just today -  the innovations on the horizon hints at the rise of flexitarianism by 2025.

Studying food trends
Fazer Food Services ongoingly conducts trend studies, along with yearly seminars, to create new concepts and services. “Our idea behind these trend reports is to stay on top of what is going on in the world, so we can reflect this in our service portfolio.”, says Susanne Moland, Head of Commercial Development of Fazer Food Services. And continues: “A good example of how we build upon our trend insight is the new restaurant experience called Wicked Rabbit, that builds on the fact that people want to eat more greens and in a more sustainable way. Our aim is to help our guests doing this, but without any saucy advises – to serve great food that just happens to be vegetarian.” The Wicked Rabbit experience is aimed towards businesses, universities and business parks.