Promising food hacks and great inspiration.

A diet of more greens and wholegrains is good for both the health of people and the planet. We know that by now. So time is up for action. What great ideas are out there? What can be done to put the ideas into practise?  In late May, we arranged the Fazer Foodathon event; for co-creative innovations on plant-based food. Take part of some truly inspiring learnings that we experienced.

With great anticipation, we watched the dozens of really good applications for Fazer Foodathon coming in, and the job picking out the teams for the finals was not easy. The journey towards announcing the winner would offer much inspiration for any fellow believer in the future of food, and we’re now happy to share the learnings:

The Cause is strong enough to make Diversity Converge

Nuclear scientists, Michelin star chefs, software developers and nutrition biotechnologists, marine biologists, culinary management students…it seems like this cause is and will be strong enough to unify people with very different skillsets and professional backgrounds; from Finland, Sweden to Equator and Malaysia.

Interest, Engagement and Sense of Urgency

Being the host for this amazingly enthusiastic crowd, both made us proud and induced us with great hope for the future. The Haaga-Helia Campus in Helsinki was boiling from engagement. Getting and staying inspired for the journey ahead!

The ideas are out there -Wide range!

Yes, the solutions are out there! During the event a wide range of ideas was presented- from products and services to new concepts and food processing technologies. It seems like the many angles of expertise combined also renders a multitude of new thoughts and ideas.

Vegan Eggs to be made, scaled and marketed!

The winner of the competition “Team Vegg” hacked traditional bread and pastry recipes with vegan egg made of tofu. This is just such a completely new, scalable product that we had been looking for! We will work together with Egg International, who presented the idea, to develop this product further, so stay tuned  for any upcoming news!

For Veggie Snacks and Products: Fermented Oats

From one of the runner-up’s, “Team Oaty”, we learned a new way of diversifying vegetarian food. -With fermented oat snacks. New, inspiring, delicious!

 A Spoonful of Awareness

Nutritionally and environmental friendly eating craves a high awareness of choices. Foodalytics taught us about a “magic spoon” that collects data about a person’s food intake and environmental footprint, and deliver it all in the phone.

Collaboration and Co-creation are strong future builders

Needless to say: Co-creation and collaborations are truly strong enforcers of innovation in this field. We at Fazer strive to offer consumer healthy and sustainable products and services that enable sustainable lifestyles.

For us to be able to see people from all around the world gathered together to cook and bake and plan for a more sustainable future, was a gift and a truly inspiring part of this event.…not to mention the great tastes we experienced!

Sanna-Maria Hongisto
Senior Manager, Nutrition, Fazer Group
Foodathon project lead