Preventing food waste is important to us at Fazer Food Services; we are continuously working with different initiatives to reduce waste throughout our value chain. In Sweden, for example, we’ve had a very positive development in terms of reducing food waste in our restaurants – since 2016 we have saved 760 000 meals from going into the bin.

Food waste is an ever-growing issue and we are actively working to investigate the underlying causes. We run information campaigns and encourage guests through innovative nudging techniques to take what they want and need, rather than what they think they want and need. We are also developing more advances measuring techniques to learn about what impact our activities are having.

A record low for food waste in Sweden

In Sweden, we began monitoring food waste in 2016 and since then the total waste has been reduced by 31 percent, which is equivalent to 750 tons of food. Furthermore, the waste in our Swedish restaurants are mainly foods such as pasta and potatoes, which have less environmental impact than all other foods.

Three tips – how to reduce your food waste

There are a few easy ways for you to reduce your food waste, below are three tips to help you get started:

  • Smaller plates – if you use smaller plates to serve your food on, you will eat smaller portions and not take an excessive amount of food.
  • Portions – think about portion size, start with a smaller portion and then take another serving if you are still hungry.
  • Lunch box – save your leftovers for the day after, do not throw away any food, save it for another meal.

Want to learn more about food waste? For more tips and information on how to reduce your food waste, please read our guide.