Fazer participated for the first time in Tubecon, held this year on the 17th and 18th of August. Tubecon is an international YouTube event, where the most popular YouTube creators meet their fans. Tubecon 2018 was held in the Messukeskus fair centre in Helsinki, where it brought together Finland’s leading YouTubers and their thousands of fans.

The Fazer Food Track area was right in the heart of TubeCity, and it followed the main theme of the event My Story with My Food Day. Junior Master Chef of Finland 2018, Otto Leskinen, and the Fazer Culinary Team’s top chefs showed their skills in the onstage kitchen along the YouTubers. The programme included food competition, a cake workshop, blind tasting and much more.

In the food area, based on the day’s meal rhythm the My Food Day theme takes the participants through various functional points to think about their own food day. At the event, Fazer also announced the results of its All Time School Food survey, which was carried out as part of the Finland’s School Meals 70 Years celebrations.

Fazer Food Services operates in about 60 schools in Finland, and serves 34,000 schoolchildren daily. “Participating in the Tubecon event is part of Fazer Food Services’ School Meals 70 years celebrations, which culminates in our theme week in our school restaurants from the 27th to 31st of August”, says Fazer Food Services Senior Brand Manager Merja Olari-Sintonen.

The right to eat well

Fazer aims to make food with a purpose and promote holistic wellbeing at all stages of life. Because everyone should have the opportunity to eat healthily, Fazer is developing a school meal experience together with customers, children and young people.

According to a survey commissioned by Fazer and conducted in early 2018 by Innolink, parents and guardians are concerned about the wellbeing of their child or teenager during and after the school day. Over a quarter (27 per cent) were very concerned that their child’s diet wasn’t balanced enough. More than one-fifth of respondents were very concerned about their children’s ability to concentrate, and about their getting enough exercise and sleep.

“We also want to use these findings to help children and young people in their day-to-day choices, and to help them understand the importance of nutrition for coping, concentration and learning at school. Of course, we also understand the big effect that friends and media and popular culture have on young people’s choices”, says Olari-Sintonen of Fazer’s decision to be part of Tubecon. “It is important for us as a partner to schools to help with food education tasks that are part of the school curriculum, to improve communication between the school and parents and guardians, and to help children and young people to discover new foods and flavours”.

Check the video from the event in here: link to video