Food Tech 2018, a key meeting spot for the food and tech industry, took place in Örebro in Sweden earlier this spring. Important and relevant topics were discussed and Fazer had the honour to provide all the food during the event. Fazer’s Päivi Juolahti also presented our new research and development program called Fazer Brainhow.

Innovation will take the world to the future. Today we see how digitized and technical solutions are implemented in the food industry. The theme of this years’ Food Tech event in Örebro, Sweden was ‘Future of Food – what food will we eat in the future and how can we contribute to a more sustainable society?’ These are questions that are constantly present in our everyday work, and we are eager to share the topics up for discussion, as well as add our own viewpoints and tips on these subjects.

Food waste on the agenda

The global food waste corresponds to one third of all food produced and imposes a major challenge for the food industry. Karl Andersson, CEO and co-founder of Matsmart, explained how Matsmart, as an e-commerce company, takes responsibility for reducing food waste. The company sells food, which otherwise would be discarded, to a reduced price. In 2016, the company saved 708 tonnes of food from being wasted.

Food waste is a very important KPI for us at Fazer, and we put a lot of effort into preventing it. One method that we have systemized and would recommend to others is to use smaller-sized plates at all-you-can-eat dining establishments - a simple action to minimize the guests’ induced food waste. Another tip, that we also practise is to encourage guests through nudging techniques to take what they want and need, rather than what they think they want and need.

Exciting tech solutions

There are a lot of things happening in the intersection of technology and food. At Food Tech 2018 the speakers presented some of the innovative solutions that farmers, scientists and entrepreneurs are working on. For example, lab-grown steaks made of plant-based blood.

Food innovation based on tech is constantly and rapidly happening. Because we can (now have the capabilities), and because we badly need to (find more sustainable ways). As a food service provider who serves over half a million meals a day, we know our actions have a bigger purpose than just filling up stomachs, and that we’re also playing a part in our environment’s wellbeing. We do have an important role to play in this development. A trick we strive to apply is to always be on the lookout for new opportunities. Attracting talent from different angles, through for instance Hackatons, like the one Fazer Foodathon we arranged last spring where one of the winners was a vegan egg product, made from tofu.

Fazer´s chefs served world-class food

During Food tech, Fazer´s chefs prepared breakfast, lunch and cocktail snacks. The menu was carefully composed to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. The food was made by locally produced ingredients and the chefs made sure to utilize all of the food and not to discard anything. We received fantastic response from the guests who were very impressed by the food.

Shared best practice

Fazer´s Päivi Juolahti was there to present ‘Fazer Lab’ and our research and development program ‘Fazer Brainhow´. We live in a world that is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Päivi talked about Fazer´s mission “Food with a purpose” and how we can create future food and well-being solutions through open innovation.

Other attendees at the event included Gunhild Stordalen (Founder and President EAT), Carolina Sachs (Secretary-General Axfoundation) and Anna Ryott (Deputy CEO, Norrsken Foundation).

Thank you all for a great event!