Food Trends 2019: Lupins, beans and gold

New proteins like lupins and “meatless meat” and a rising interest in foods that do good are two of the big food trends coming. About half of the Nordic people want to eat a personalized diet, that is food tailored to their individual nutritional needs. At the same time, we see a trend of adding “glitter and glamour” to the food. Eating out is increasingly about a conceptual experience where the food and the atmosphere, but also the “story” of the restaurant and its values come into play. This is some of the content of our new trend report "The Future Food 2019".

We have produced the Future Food 2019 report based on extensive trend-scouting around the world, in-depth interviews with researchers, chefs and others who work with food, and a broad Nordic consumer survey. The survey provides answers to how we in the Nordic region regard healthy and climate-smart food, and what compromises we would consider for the sake of the climate.

The survey shows, among other things, that the people in the Nordics are happy to eat food prepared with produce that is close to the best-before date. The survey also shows that around a third of us would consider eating more vegetable based protein like oats, soybeans or the like, but only around 10% would consider eating insects to protect the environment.

A significant proportion of consumers are also interested in buying food and beverages that have specific health effects, such as giving extra energy or benefiting intestinal health and the immune system.

- Well-being, health and sustainability are priority areas for Fazer and the survey confirms that they are also important to our guests. Particularly interesting is the attitude to functional foods and the fact that consumers are willing to change their food habits for the sake of the environment. Reports like this give us important insights that we incorporate into our development, which means that we can feel reasonably confident that new concepts are well received, like our vegetarian concept Wicked Rabbit, says Susanne Moland, Head of Commercial Development, Fazer Food Services.

Five food trends listed in the report:

- How gut health and what we eat affects the brain

- What can we expect when food meets modern technological development

- Which green climate-friendly trends are the hottest right now

- How the leftovers on the plate have become a sustainability issue

- How our minds interact to enhance the good taste

Interested to read more?  Click here to download the report!