We constantly try to improve our sustainability performance through different initiatives. A recent one that we’d like to introduce is the mentorship program called “The Green Path”– a new way to reduce the carbon footprint, through encouraging restaurants to increase use of vegetables and decrease use of meat. Read below some of the tips from the Swedish mentor group.

We all know that choosing vegetables, rather than meat, is good for human well-being as well as the planet. In order to reduce the environmental impact, we have started several green initiatives in our restaurants. One initiative is “The Green Path” – a new project in Sweden, which strengthens Fazer´s sustainability work. The initiative´s main objective is to inspire our restaurants to purchase more vegetables and less meat.

A new way of working

The Green Path is a new way of working and it is driven by a mentor group consisting of highly skilled chefs at Fazer. Each month the mentor group visits a selected group of Fazer´s restaurants for 2-3 days to inspire them to purchase more vegetables and reduce the meat quota.

5 tips – how to make green changes

The mentor group inspires the restaurants and show how they increase the green options in the restaurants. The following steps will be suggested by the mentors, and you can take inspiration by them as well!

1. Put the spotlight on the green dishes

2. Have an attractive salad buffet

3. Always offer a large selection of green options such as vegetable stews

4. Let vegetables play a more central role in the meat and fish courses

5. Have the focal point on vegetables on the menus and create interest among the guests by sharing the vegetables healthy qualities

Weekly follow-up

We follow up the Green Path´s implementation in each restaurant. This enables us to measure the restaurants’ purchase ratio between meat and vegetables on a weekly basis. Continuous follow-up makes it more motivating and exciting to set goals for reduced meat consumption as you quickly can see the result of the actions. All restaurant units have their own contact person for support along the way.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting project! We hope these tips come to use, as no one can do everything, but everyone can do something. If interested in other ways to increase the green ratio on the guest’s plates, have a look at our guide to green nudging.