In 2018 Culinary World Cup in November, both Fazer Culinary Team Sweden and Finland will participate. This year’s theme is “Against Food Waste” and the task is to prepare a three-course meal in five hours for 150 people to the cost of only five euros per person. Both teams are going for gold and are training hard to perfect their menus.

At the moment, both Fazer´s teams are preparing for the Culinary World Cup that takes place during the Expogast exhibition in Luxembourg November 23-29. The Culinary World Cup is held every four years, and usually attracts teams from Asia, the United States and a number of European countries. This year the competition´s Catering category will include a record number of competing teams.

Swedish culinary team

This year’s theme – Against food waste

The participating teams will conceptualize, plan, organize and implement a three-course menu on the theme “Against Food Waste”. The task is to prepare a lunch for 150 people to a maximum cost of five euros per person. The competition menu should consist of a soup, three hot main courses – one meat, one fish and one vegetarian dish, a salad buffet and a desert.

For us at Fazer, sustainability is extremely important and this year’s theme is very close to our heart. As part of our daily work we always strive to utilize all of the food we use in order to minimize waste. Therefore we look forward to the challenge of creating a sustainable and delicious menu for the guests and judges. Please wish us good luck in the competition in November!

Fazer Culinary Team Sweden
The team consists of Dan Assarsson, Adam Hallberg, Daniel Lund, Marcus Ludvigsson, Patrik Sättgren and Susanne Strandqvist. Team coach is Niclas Melin, with Kurt Weid as a mentor and Juanita Conway as project manager.

Fazer Culinary Team Finland
The team consist of Mika Pesonen, Juha Aalto, Reko Riikonen, Sami Toropainen, Lilli Jyräs, Tapio Bergström, Matti Tikka, Lemmikki Ruuskanen and Antti Tynkkynen. Team manager is Karri Käki