How to eat smarter, both from a personal health and a sustainability aspect, is a constantly relevant topic. When we organized Fazer Innovation Challenge, many of our employees took the chance to develop their own ideas for food of the future. Of the 66 entries, three winning ideas were chosen, which now will be further developed in Fazer Lab by Fazer innovators, with the ambition to become new products and services.

Fazer believes that in order to develop tomorrow’s food we need to take a look at the world outside but at the same time not be afraid of digging where we stand. Therefore, we wanted to invite our over 15 000 employees, who all are passionate about food, to an innovation challenge. We thought that if we focus on idea generation and development in teams it would lead the way to new solutions and smarter food products for the future.

A plant-based innovation, a digital service model for personalized nutrition and a new snacking concept

The three winning ideas; a plant-based innovation, a digital service business model for personalized nutrition and a new snacking concept, were chosen based on criteria such as customer and business value, strategic relevance and team capabilities. The ideas will now be further developed in Fazer Lab to become real-life products and services which we in the future can share with our customers and guests.

Vivid idea development – that is what the Fazer Innovation Challenge is about

During an eight-week program, Fazer teams from all parts of the company and the whole Nordics, Baltic countries and Russia developed their ideas in collaboration. All employees were given the opportunity to submit ideas for further elaboration during the Fazer Innovation Challenge. At the application deadline, 110 ideas had been submitted and after the first selection 66 idea proposals were chosen for the programme. These 66 proposals were further developed for three weeks individually before the recruitment of additional competence from the company started at the team-up phase. After this, ideas were developed further in teams. In the closing final, 24 teams had three minutes to present their proposal, show mock-ups and offer tastings of innovative products in front of a jury lead by our Group President & CEO Christoph Vitzthum.

The three winning teams are now part of Fazer Lab, which is Fazer's own laboratory for research, innovation and new business development. They will now experiment further with their ideas to make them a reality.

Are you interested to read more about the future of food? Access our insight report on the future of food 2018, and stay tuned for our release of the Food trend report 2019, later this fall.