Fazer, a partner to EAT since 2014, participated in the Stockholm Forum on 11-12 June. Over 600 participants from science, politics, business and civil society gathered to discuss solutions to achieve a healthy and sustainable food supply and distribution for a growing global population. Here’s our pick of highlights from the discussion.

1. Food is a solution

Food is at the core of Sustainable Development Goals and whether it’s about combating poverty, taking climate action or promoting responsible consumption and production, we need to look for solutions in the food system. How we grow, produce and consume food has a great impact on environment, society and on our well-being. #foodcanfixit

2. We need stubborn optimism

We are not where we should be. There’s a long road ahead for us to meet the Global Goals and to transform the global food system. To overcome the barriers and challenges – as Christiana Figueres, the Convenor of Mission 2020 put it – we need to become stubborn optimists. It is the starting point of success.

2. Chefs in the front

Whether it’s about shifting towards more plant-based diet or reducing food waste, the role of chefs is crucial. The chefs around the globe have deep understanding on food and they are in a key position to take action – and to inspire action around the globe.

“If chefs can make kale sexy, we ought to be able to make eating responsibly sexy also,” stated Chef Mary Sue Milliken in her concluding words.


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