Remember the last time you spent a full day without a mobile phone, laptop or office computer? How about an evening without checking work e-mails or social media? The world is always-on, and this has implications on our well-being, and what we need to do to keep it up through life.

The pace and intensity of life continues to increase. New ways of communicating, learning, working, and enjoying life are introduced faster than we can keep up. Change is constant and there’s only one thing we know for sure: in the future, change will never be this slow again.

We have long learned to approach well-being from a purely physical angle: eat healthy and exercise to stay energetic. But our always-on world demands more and more also from our brain.

For working age adults, both office and blue-collar workers, the border between work and leisure is getting blurred. “Work-life balance” used to be the buzzword for the transformation of work, but in today’s world referring to it as the “work-life blend” makes much more sense. We never log out; neither from the practicalities of life, nor from our work.

Our kids live in the same world, blending daily gaming and digital socializing with an increasing amount of digital school work. Students are coping and trying to make most of the increasingly fast-paced and independent learning. And for the aging population—baby boomers reaching their pension years—the big question is how we can ensure a full life even in our later years.

At Fazer Food Services we are interested in, or better yet passionate about, how we can help our guests at the various stages of life to cope with these new challenges. To us it’s clear that we need to also take the brain into consideration when building our daily meals.

This is why we have initiated Fazer Brainhow, a research and development program that bundles our own expertise with cutting edge research to study how nutrition, rest, together with physical and mental exercise can positively influence our brain capabilities.

In our restaurants, it comes down to some very effective and simple stuff: Making up the meals from brain-friendly ingredients, and at the same time to offer better choices, helping people to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Consider a quick example: Your workday starts the moment you wake up. First e-mail and your brain starts buzzing. A few hours later you end an intensive morning of work with a sturdy lunch. Back at work, your heavy lunch leads to the inevitable afternoon dip a few hours later. To compensate, you resort to quick fixes such as coffee and sugary snacks to get through to the end of the day. Sounds familiar?

Fazer Brainhow findings will help us grow our capacity to offer heathier alternatives to support our guests’ cognitive performance throughout the day. For the afternoon dip the answer is simple: a perfectly sized lunch portion followed by a bite rich in vitamin C at the end.

For our business together, Fazer Brainhow and the brain-friendly food offering open new untapped opportunities for serving guests better. The result: happier, more focused school kids, students, employees and seniors.

Stay tuned.