Sustainability seems to be on everybody’s mind, especially when it comes to food. This week marks the groundbreaking annual EAT Stockholm Food Forum. The event gathers top global thought leaders from science, politics, business, civil society and beyond, all with the same aim – to discuss actions that can support and speed up the food system transformation, both for people and the planet.

Fazer has been a partner of EAT, a global, non-profit start-up dedicated to transforming the global food system, since 2015. We joined the initiative in order to better integrate food, health and sustainability and are eagerly following the development of this initiative. We want to help people make good choices.

The EAT-Lancet report, which was published in January 2019, is a scientific review of what constitutes a healthy diet from a sustainable food system. The report greatly inspires us, and the results are aligned with our own thoughts on food with a purpose.

The report points out the importance of cutting down on global meat consumption and instead increasing the intake of plant-based food. It also introduces the “planetary health diet,” meaning food that is good both from an environmental aspect as well as from a health perspective. Already today, you can eat a planetary health diet in our restaurants if you choose a majority of pulses, beans, vegetables and breads made of whole grains.

“We really work hands-on with these issues, every day and throughout the whole organisation. At this year’s EAT event we want to show how we work with green and seasonal ingredients and how we at the same time can create a food experience for all senses,” says Malin Barkman Lind, Brand and Concept Manager, Fazer Food Services and part of the Fazer team that is participating at the event.

Fazer Food Services is represented at Annexet, Globen Arena, which is the venue for the 2019 EAT Stockholm Food Forum. This year’s theme for the exhibition area is a music festival, and in the mingle area Fazer has created the feeling of a rooftop patio, with urban farming where visitors can not only eat vegan snacks, but also see, feel and smell the vegetables. Two climate-friendly vegan snacks are being served as examples of Fazer Food Service’s food philosophy.

“There’s a beetroot hummus accompanied by some sauerkraut made of red cabbage, topped with beetroot sprouts. There will also be baked Anya potatoes, filled with roasted Swedish artichokes and a vegan fresh cheese made of oats, from our own brand, Yosa. The filling will be seasoned with truffle and onion ashes,” says Joachim Muller, chef at Fazer Food Services.

The ashes symbolise how nothing needs to be wasted while cooking, including the peels of fruits and vegetables, which can be used as seasoning and toppings. Another message is that both snacks are served without any disposables.

“When we bake the potatoes, we scoop out their insides and deep fry the peel, so we get a small edible bowl to serve the filling in. The beetroot hummus is served on a healthy rye bread and there is no need for any plates or forks,” says Muller.

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