A consumer trend is not rarely (in fact always?) based on a certain amount of need for recognition and status. It has been claimed for a while now that consumers are starting to respect and recognize a new status, born from not just owning or experiencing the most expensive. That people nowadays rather find their status in stuff like doing good for the environment, helping the ones in need, learning new things, being connected. That they are in fact more willing to support and buy from companies with a clear purpose, supporting a greater good.

This ‘new statusphere’ has indeed reached the area of food consumption. The old saying “You are what you eat”, seems to be more valid than ever. Currently with a new focus on inclusion of earlier discarded nutritional sources.

We have written previously in this blog about the emerging “war on waste trend”, where people are getting more prone to buy not only the perfect looking, but also the crooked and “ugly” vegetables. That they find a “Zero waste restaurant” “both attractive and smart”. 

And the boundaries of what is to be banned from the plate of a true hipster is still in transition. In the name of responsibility, boldness and creativeness. And at times also in the name of the brand that we are all building for ourselves.

Expanded views on bugs
One fresh example would be the crickets: As an attempt to revolutionize the bakery industry, through adding the alternative protein of insects, we at Fazer currently released a film dramatizing this invention. Shortly after the film was released, (and by far faster than we expected), the Finnish legislation got changed into admitting this kind of products to be sold. And the cricket bread is now, up for grabs from the shelfs in Finland. Our conclusion? That a jump in brand preference for the country of Finland is to be expected? If not that, for sure a sincere sigh of awe from the hipster communities of the rest of the Nordics…

But above all, this development is of course great news for the overall economics of our planet, and in our view, much can indeed be done to “utilize the side streams”. This is also how we have named one of our own research programs, where we look for new ways to use things such as the compounds and fibres of grain caps and, for sure, the whole plants.

You are what you don’t eat… or what you say you don’t?
There is one area of food though in which we claim to eat less than we really do. According to consumer research done in the years of 2012 and 2017, the percentage claiming to cut down on meat consumption has increased from 9% to 21%. Nice enough…only that the actual meat consumption has been stable over the years, and even somewhat increased on chicken and minced meat. But, hey, no one is judging: In a hectic life, what you wish you would eat might not always match your capabilities of that everyday life.

Closing the gap
No worries… we are here to help. Closing the gap for you. Picking up, supporting and driving the latest trends. With tasty menus developed from plant based food, served not just at lunch time, but in sync with the demands of a modern work life. For all of us to eat more of what we want and less of what we don’t want. Ready to turn that wanted position into reality.

You are what you eat. And in our view, there is no reason for restricting yourself from the person or organization you can be. For the well-being of you and your people, for that of our planet, and perhaps as a side-effect, also for enforcing the brand of your school, company, elderly care centre…

Let’s build it together!