Eat better.
Think better.

Food, sleep and exercise affects cognitive performance and brain health. How can we eat better to think better? And how can technology help us? The Fazer Brainhow programme deepens our expertise in this field. At the same time, it helps us in offering natural, healthy daily meals that support cognitive performance. For happier and more focused schoolchildren, students, employees and seniors.

Modern life demands more and more from us and our brains, whether we are kids, students, working age people or seniors. In the intensifying everyday life, well-being is just as much about the mind as the body. As our cognitive skills are being challenged daily, what and how we eat has never been more important.

"The link between good nutrition, physical development and healthy minds is pretty clear. What children eat at lunch impacts how they perform in class."

- Peter Welch, Head Teacher, International School of Helsinki

Fazer Brainhow programme is Fazer’s answer to the needs of the changed world. It is a research and business development programme, which studies how nutrition, rest, and both physical and mental exercise can positively influence our brain capabilities. Based on the insights, we aim to innovate new solutions that help people maintain and improve their well-being.

This means exploring better daily food and lifestyle choices specifically with the brain in mind. We put science on your plate with natural, healthy and great-tasting brainfoods that keep you sharp through the day – and through life.


Food is an increasingly conscious choice. People seek guidance on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep their mind sharp throughout the day. Through Fazer Brainhow we can offer natural, healthy daily meals that support daily cognitive performance, leading to happier and more focused schoolchildren, students, employees and seniors.

We have a strong social responsibility to support people in a way that is relevant in today’s world. From the fast-paced, digitalised everyday life of schoolchildren, students and working age adults to the cognitive needs of seniors, the brain plays an increasingly important part in people’s well-being.

To respond to the changed needs of today’s always-on world, our food needs to keep up. By tapping in to the potential of naturally brain-friendly foods we can serve our guests even better and help them get the most out of each day.

Fazer Brainhow is developed together with an ecosystem of research and business partners, each approaching cognitive well-being from a unique angle. The result is a fresh approach to how we understand well-being, with more emphasis on the brain.

A great example of how Fazer Brainhow comes to life is our current collaboration with tech giant Nokia and the Finnish start-up Nightingale Health. In our research together we explore digital health, biotech and nutrition to positively impact people’s work productivity, cognitive performance and quality of life. You can read the entire press release of the project here.

By recognising the role that cognition and lifestyle choices play in enjoying each day, Fazer Food Services sets itself apart in our business. Combining our expertise with the Fazer Brainhow knowledge and knowhow we can serve our guests better. And happier, sharper and more focused guests mean better business for both you and us.


In the end Fazer Brainhow will come to life in brainfood—seasonally changing, brain-friendly ingredients and food options designed to support sustainable lifestyle choices.

But what exactly is brainfood?

Brainfood is a group of healthy foods that are specifically beneficial for the brain and cognitive functions. Our brain-friendly offering is designed with dietary guidelines and quality requirements in mind, with the right amount of good fats, vitamins and nutrients, and only moderate amounts of salts and hard fats.

Brainfood ingredients include brassica and root vegetables, fatty fish, seeds and nuts, fruits and berries, wholegrains and cocoa. The seasonal vegetables are sourced responsibly and with care for the environment, to support sustainable lifestyle choices.

 Read more on brainfood ingredients here.