Fazer Brainhow = Food for the brain

With Fazer Brainhow we research and develop nutrient-rich foods that support the brain and our cognitive functions. These foods include vegetables like brassica, root vegetables, fatty fish, seeds and nuts, fruits and berries, wholegrains and cocoa.


The smart choice

Brainfood is designed for a healthy diet with dietary guidelines and quality requirements in mind. This means that brainfoods include the right amount of good fats, vitamins and nutrients, and only moderate amounts of salt and hard fats.

Naturally sustainable

The natural ingredients used in our brain-friendly foods are sourced responsibly and with care for the environment, and support sustainable lifestyle choices.

Part of a healthy lifestyle

For full positive impact, brainfood should be enjoyed as part of a healthy everyday diet: a good breakfast to start the day, a healthy portion of lunch with brain-friendly ingredients, and an afternoon energy boost with a heathy brainfood snack.


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