At Dansk Fjernvarme, lunch is the highlight of the day.

"It's a highlight. It's the highlight of the day! People are looking forward all day. They meet in the morning and immediately put their heads into the kitchen to hear about today's menu, and Rene is very good at presenting. And if we are to boast ourselves, we are also very good at praise René and Maleen”, Lars says with a smile.

In addition to being team leader and chief accountant at Dansk Fjernvarme, Lars Busk is the head of the canteen committee in the office community. When he was tasked with finding a new canteen supplier in the spring of 2017, it was a wish from the employees to get more variety, new tastes and a high quality, reflecting the trends of today and the future. They missed that wow experience.

Dansk Fjernvarme is a district heating industry organization, which covers 99 percent of district heating production in Denmark.

Good chemistry was crucial

The request for proposal was offered to the market's canteen suppliers and after the extensive selection process, the choice fell on Fazer Food Services. Partly because we got the highest score on the criteria, but not least the good chemistry, the canteen committee had with our sales manager Niclas Drechsler and customer manager Henrik Boll.

"Dansk Fjernvarme consists largely of engineers who work systematically. Therefore, we prepared a valuation schedule that we asked the various cafeterias to fill in. The high score formed the foundation, but the good chemistry between us and Niclas and Henrik made the result. Our chemistry just matched, and we have not regretted our choice for one moment. One of the points that made a great impression was Fazer's personnel policy. Fazers view on education and job rotation are important parameters for us. But the whole concept was appealing. "

Niclas and Henrik quickly got a team up and running, consisting of René Gustavson as chef and Marleen Christensen as a cook. The two kitchenmen threw themselves into great zeal over the task, despite not knowing each other from before. Their chemistry also appeared to be in place from the first day. So since August 1, 2017, René and Marleen have juggled pots, pans and stood for the lunch meal for the hungry East Jutland in Kolding.

"Fazer delivers what they promised - and more too"

"We were told that things were made from the bottom and that it was fresh ingredients, and we can also see that that is what Fazer Food Services is doing. Of course it is also what contributes to the taste and experience that is coming down to the canteen and have lunch every day, "says Lars, continuing.

"Especially René and Marleen are amazing! We experience variation, quality and taste, totally wild amount of taste. A little gourmet and sometimes almost too nice. The Monthly Restaurant Day is amazing. Only problem has been that our employees sat in the canteen for too long and did not want to go back to their work because they enjoyed themselves so much. We have many outside guests who eat with us. We are addicted to their satisfaction and they are very happy to come here and eat. "

Another thing Lars and the canteen committee also appreciate is the dialogue with customer manager Henrik Boll.

"We have a very good communication. Fazer always says YES, and we are not used to that from before. Henrik stands for daily operations and is very committed and listening to our needs. And even though he does not have to interfere in the daily operation, because we can do with René in the kitchen, it's really nice to have Henrik as the overall contact person. "

Lars and the canteen committee meet once a quarter, and at the first quarter meeting of the canteen committee, the verdict was ready:

"I've lost weight without changing food habits, so it may be because we get healthier food."

"It's portion-oriented, and I like it," because it looks so inviting. "

"The variation is really great and there is both new and exciting and good traditional food. That is something that our Chairman of the Board really appreciates. "

"When you sit in the canteen and listen, you always hear:" It's just delicious everyday "around the tables".

"It's made from scratch, and you can clearly notice it. It's juicy and tasteful. René and Marleen take an honor in it. "

"All bread is home-baked and it varies every day."

"They breed a lot in the season, and fruit and vegetables follow the seasons. They think so much. "

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