Can you serve good food quickly? Enjoy an urban pulse and still hold a conversation?

Food services for Klövern Kista, Sweden

Sara Widforss is Leasing Agent for Klövern. She likes to eat Japanese food and enjoys a good lunch even when she doesn't really have the time. She also likes to negotiate.

Tastory is open weekdays in a busy thoroughfare in Kista, close to Stockholm. This is Sweden's Silicon Valley and we met Sara in the Time Building to ask a few questions.


How would you describe your restaurant?

"This is a new restaurant with a big health focus. There's a lot of choice, seasonal food and a lot of vegetables.

It's an attractive dining environment where you get good food quickly. The restaurant is far removed from an old-style office canteen, not just because you take your tray at the end rather than the beginning.

People stopped in here to eat packed lunches even before there was a restaurant. It's like a natural food stop."

"It's an attractive dining environment where you get good food quickly."

What was important for you when looking at suppliers?

"We wanted an established supplier. A supplier with experience of delivering a total food concept.

The supplier had to listen well. Listen and discuss what we, our tenants and the local area needs in terms of food. This is also a busy place so we need a company that can both think in volumes and take social and environmental responsibility, not least in terms of food waste.

On the personal level, it was important to have a contact who understands us, like speaking the same language. Not least to ensure a smooth buying process. We want to be able to rely on a supplier's skills and trust them on form, flow and overall concept."

What are you most pleased with today?

"There are a lot of guests already and that's always a good sign.

The restaurant looks good and has the right kind of feel. We're happy because it's turned out the way we thought it would be.

The food's tasty and that's important. If the food's not good my tenants are going to tell me. It's that simple.

klövern food

Tastory merges different concepts − different dining environments like the chef's table − into one. This is something Kista was missing before."

"We're happy because it's turned out the way we thought it would be."

What would you like to improve?

"It's early days but one challenge will be to keep the concept fresh. We're going to need to innovate and keep on top of the trends.

This is a popular lunch destination and people increasingly expect a good fast lunch based on good logistics. Always a good flow. Guests don't want to stand in line, however good the food is. The more people who find us, the more of a challenge this will become."

Which KPIs are most important to follow up on?

"Overall customer satisfaction is key and it's based on a lot of factors, like food, service and menu variety.

That's a lot to keep on top of because there's so much happening in terms of health and taste trends.

It's also important that it works well economically for the restaurateur we've chosen, with a sustainable customer base, and that environmental factors are managed well, such as food waste, organics and where the meat comes from."

What advice would you give to other buyers of food services?

"Set a product idea and ask what do we want? What do we need for our employees, in this area?

Either you know what kind of concept you're looking for or you want inspiration. Whichever it is, visit different restaurants for yourself. What works well? What doesn't?

Rather than just meetings, try for yourself. Eat the food. Have a dialogue with the manager. It's an easy way to find out what kind of product, or what kind of feeling, you want.

This Thursday is our first after-work with live music so you're welcome to come and visit us. It's going to be fun to see how that works out."

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