Nordic Business Forum has provided an international stage for Fazer Food Services several years in a row. The 2017 event offered thousands of visitors the opportunity to taste responsibly produced and innovative local foods

Nordic Business Forum is currently one of the world’s largest business conferences. To accommodate its rapidly growing number of visitors, the event was moved from Jyväskylä to Messukeskus Helsinki in 2014. Fazer Food Services has been the catering partner for the event ever since its move to Helsinki.

“This year, we had approximately 7,500 visitors and our goal was to provide plated service for all the visitors during the programme breaks. That kind of challenge calls for exacting co-operation by a large team,” says Hans-Peter Siefen, one of the founders of the NBF event.            

Food as a messenger with impact         

At this high-profile conference event in Messukeskus Helsinki, food takes on an essential role, both in terms of nutrition and as a messenger. The catering co-operation with Fazer has corresponded well to Nordic Business Forum’s goals as they relate to food.                  

“The right type of nutrition provides long-term energy and supports learning. Our catering choices also enable us to relay a message about responsibility to people with influence and, quite possibly, have a positive impact on their eating habits and perspectives,” adds Siefen.

Founded on shared values

Fazer is the right partner for Nordic Business Forum, also in terms of ideology, as both the service supplier and orderer view certain values as essential when it comes to food, namely responsibility, domesticity and local sourcing. 

“This has afforded us an opportunity to promote our shared values related to food. When you work together to ensure compliance with principles, the message that is relayed to the end customer is clear,” Siefen emphasises.

The event organiser praises Fazer for both its service-oriented approach and positive attitude towards co-operation.

“At Nordic Business Forum, the customer is absolutely the number one priority, and we are known, also internationally, as an event that provides its customers with unique experiences. Ever since Fazer’s personnel became familiar with our specific needs, they have demonstrated an impressive desire and ability to internalise the operational methods that are important to us,” Siefen sums up.

Praise for innovation

As an event, Nordic Business Forum has been on a continual development track and its ability to keep up with the current trends is also visible in its catering services. The planning of the innovative menu for the conference always begins nearly one year before the actual event. 

“Fazer has been right there with us, the whole time, working on developing new, different and exciting culinary combinations. The themes for the event in 2018 include, for example, artificial intelligence. It will be interesting to see how we manage to work that into our catering spread,” Siefen states with a grin. 

Eija Kinnunen, who works as Restaurant Business Manager for Fazer Food Services in Messukeskus Helsinki, is working closely with her team to prepare for future events.

“The collaboration with Nordic Business Forum has gone very well. Both parties have been willing to share feedback, to develop and to make improvements each year. The planning for next year is already well underway,” Kinnunen states.