Food with a purpose

Food for the future

What we eat has never been as important as today. Food has become part of our identity and we are aware of how food can influence our health and well-being, both when it comes to body and mind. There is also a higher awareness about how our choices can make a difference. Food production has a significant economic, social and environmental impact. For us it’s therefore very important to take responsibility for the impact our business has on every level – for people, the planet and business.

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For us at Fazer Food Services this means taking responsibility for our actions in the whole value chain. Economic, social and environmental impact is not just a corporate box to tick. It's something that helps us make a real difference in what we do – and how we do it. Food matters, and has a value, which means that even small steps towards better food production are valuable when it comes to sustainability.

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Our corporate responsibility work is guided by the Corporate Responsibility Policy, the Human Rights Policy, the QEHS Policy, governance practice, operating principles as well as the Ethical Principles that are based on the ten international principles of the UN Global Compact. Fazer Group has signed the UN Global Compact initiative.

Focus on our employees’ well-being

Work safety is always a strong focus at Fazer Food Services. We believe in strong relationships and in caring and showing respect for the individual. We are also convinced that an organisation that respects individuals is a stronger player in the market and has a better chance to be successful in the future.

At Fazer Food Services, safety comes first, and our goal is zero accidents at work.

The safety culture in our company is based on every employee’s personal commitment, practices and standards to work safely. Together with employee engagement and a high commitment from the management, our safety work is constantly maturing.

“Having the target of our employees going home safe every day is a top priority,” says Andreas Berggren, CEO, Fazer Food Services, who emphasises that safety is about constant learning.

“Making mistakes is human, and learning from mistakes is the Fazer way,” he adds.

We emphasise safety and communicate it constantly throughout the organisation and to our stakeholders. Building a strong safety culture is about building culture. It is a joint journey and takes time. There is still more to be done to reach our target of zero accidents, but safety has become a natural part of our daily work.

Some of our focus areas are:

  • Safety on the weekly agenda in all restaurants
  • Regular management safety meetings, focusing on safety in operative areas
  • Restaurant level risk assessments and actions related to risk mitigation
  • Analysing of safety observation
  • Sharing best practices to build safety culture
  • Safety induction films in the local language to be shown to every new employee
  • Reporting and investigating accidents and incidents thoroughly

“Safety culture is a product of individual and team values, attitude and competencies,” says Ulla Kurkela, who works with the development of a safety culture at the business area level. “It’s about committing to doing the work safely, every day, and making the target of going home safe every day a top priority.”