Focus on health, well-being and the planet

More Greens

The food we choose to eat has a great impact on ourselves and the planet, as well as on business – because food matters.

There is strong scientific evidence that fibre-rich, plant-based foods contribute to a decreased risk of many diseases. Plant-based foods also have a significantly smaller climate impact than meat and dairy products.

There is a growing interest for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle among consumers, which we want to meet. Therefore, we are developing our offerings to reflect the favourable impacts of plant-based food, both for people and the planet. We want to contribute to the health of our guests and the planet, by serving good and sustainable food.  

Since we see food as a solution to many environmental and social challenges, we believe a larger share of greens on the plates is good for both the well-being of humans and the planet.  You don’t need to go fully vegetarian or vegan to make a difference; even small tweaks such as cutting back on high-impact foods like red meat will help create a change. We believe eating more nutritious plant-based foods will lower your diet’s footprint without radically altering your lifestyle.

We have taken an important step forward by committing to offering even more plant-based food in our restaurants. As a modern, sustainable food company, this is one way we can guide and help our guests to make sustainable choices.

As a food company, we believe we can create a difference by making it easy to choose more greens, for example by:

• Offering a portfolio of innovative products and services, with uncompromised quality
• Encouraging our restaurants to increase the use of vegetables and decrease the use of meat
• Developing new green and seasonal recipes
• Implementing “green nudging” at all 1200 Nordic restaurants
• Developing and expanding vegetarian concepts
• Professional chef training, focusing on vegetarian cooking
• Raising awareness among consumers

Read more about one of our green initiatives, the Green path, a mentorship with the aim to purchase less meat and more vegetables.
Have you heard about brain-friendly food?
To be able to help our guests even further with improving their health, performance and cognitive function, we’re investigating how food affects our brains in a research programme called Fazer Brainhow®. We call it “brain-friendly” food. Results from Fazer Brainhow® show the positive impact on well-being as a result of eating ingredients and nutrients that are beneficial to the human brain. A lot of plant-based food is good for the brain. Read more about the research here.