Focus on environmental understanding

Reducing food waste

We target reduced waste in all phases of our value chain.

We do this because it's the right thing to do and because of business and customer, guest and regulatory demands. Environmental specifications in the Nordics are among the world's toughest.

We're leading industry efforts in the Nordics to reduce food waste in our restaurants.
How? First, by encouraging guests through innovative nudging techniques to take what they want and need, rather than what they think they want and need. Second, by developing more and more advanced measuring techniques to improve baselines in terms of where we are today and what impact our activities are having.

Our goal is to reduce food waste by 10g per portion

• Potential savings of around 1,000 tonnes of food waste per year
• Campaigns and portioning aimed at guests
• Involve all restaurant staff in actions to reduce waste
• Share best practices across Fazer’s restaurants and markets.

Additional examples are Greener Everyday and Veggie Heaven (NO), organic food and portion control going hand-in-hand (DK) and focus on fish (Nordic)