Focus on a fair value chain

Sustainably sourced

The impact our business has on people, societies and livelihoods is not only caused by our own actions, but also by what happens in the whole value chain, including raw material production, sourcing and logistics.

Moreover, consumers are increasingly concerned about the sustainability of food production and where ingredients and raw materials come from. Fazer Food Services wants to be involved in this development – together with our customers, partners, suppliers and the scientific community. Therefore, we are working hard to ensure sustainability throughout the whole value chain, from farmer to consumer.

Our main social and environmental impact is caused by the raw materials we use. Sustainable sourcing is the process of enabling and ensuring that we implement the criteria we have set regarding our raw materials in practice. We have established clear, basic requirements for all suppliers and pay extra attention to select value chains such as cocoa, palm oil, fish, eggs, grain and soy.  We also have a strong focus on traceability and food safety, through sustainable sourcing as well as a focus on sustainable packaging.

“It’s a lot about making wise choices, both when it comes to the ingredients that we purchase for our restaurants and how we work with the whole value chain. We want to actively participate in the sustainability dialogue, take a stand and create solutions that respond to the global challenges of our time,” says Timo Ståhlström, Head of Procurement at Fazer Food Services.

“For example, we are gradually removing fossil-based plastics from disposables, aiming for more sustainable packaging materials going forward, such as fibre-based materials from wood and not from fossil oil,” he adds. 

We continuously work to improve the choices we make with our products and services. In 2018, Fazer Group revised and updated its sustainability approach to better support the transformation into a leading, modern sustainable food company with a joint direction. One of the four goals is to use 100 % sustainably sourced raw material by 2030. At Fazer Food Services, we have different initiatives to reach this goal, for instance:

  • Increase the use of sustainable fish as defined by WWF in its fish guide. We never use endangered species on the WWF Red List of Threatened Species.
  • Commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group concerning circular economy, sustainable grain farming, water stewardship plan and offering development
  • At Fazer we use 100 % sustainable palm oil, cocoa and soy
  • By 2024 we only use sustainable cage free eggs
  • Taking sustainability into consideration when planning our menus, for example by working with seasonal ingredients
  • Commitment to only use fossil-free single-use disposable plastics in our restaurants
  • Starting with removing plastic straws, cutlery and coffee cup lids.
  • With over 90 per cent of the ingredients in our restaurants sourced through common contracts, we ensure that all of our restaurants purchase more sustainable raw materials
  • Set targets and work to improve our responsibility in sourcing ingredients​: Annually updated category plans take into account sustainability issues and negative impacts are continuously reduced through purchase compliance and follow-up in restaurants
  • In close dialogue with suppliers and stakeholders we can identify ingredients where extra effort is required to ensure sustainability

“As a modern, sustainable food company, we want to help our guests to make more sustainable choices,” says Sanna-Maria Hongisto, Senior Manager, Nutrition and Corporate Responsibility at Fazer Food Services.