The annual technology and startup company event Slush is held at Messukeskus, Helsinki, from 30 November until 1 December 2017. Fazer Food Services is in charge of food services for the event. The selection covers an extremely diverse range of delicious and inspiring foods in the spirit of the event.

“Together with Slush’s team, we’ve come up with a selection that caters to 120 different nationalities. The selection is strongly focused on vegetarian food and vegan options. However, the most important thing is taste, and we’re also making an effort to minimise waste,” says Eija Kinnunen, Head of Restaurant Operations at Fazer Food Services Finland.

The event draws around 10,000 people a day, and food services for the event are taken care of by about a hundred food professionals from Fazer.

Cricket pizza with an Asian twist

Restaurant Balcony serves Asian, Japanese and Korean tastes. One of the most interesting foods served at the event is cricket pizza, developed in the test kitchen of Fazer Food Services in Kannelmäki, Helsinki, under the leadership of chef Sebastian Petersen. The pizza, which has a slight Asian twist to it, includes fresh coriander, tomatoes, toasted onions, spring onions, cheese and herb oil – and crickets. The dried crickets are supplied by a producer based in Espoo, Finland. Each pizza contains 10–12 crickets.

“Bowl food is still popular, and throughout the event the Panorama Café will function as a bowl restaurant. Visitors can choose what to include in their bowl from the buffet, and create their own customised meal,” says Kinnunen.

Naturally, Finnish cuisine is not forgotten: the salmon soup of the house has been extremely popular at Slush for the past three years. The traditional sausage grill will also be hard at work, offering the highly popular Messukeskus meatballs. The cafés that are open during the event are the Helsinki Café, Café 7, Panorama Café, and Balcony Café.

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