Fazer Food Services Finland is recruiting a team of more than 20 food professionals for a new type of positions. Gastro Chefs will function as the company's ambassadors for new trends, taste and quality, as well as responsible usage of raw materials. Gastro Chef positions are open all over Finland 29 January to 18 February. Fazer’s more than 600 restaurants throughout Finland serve more than 130,000 healthy lunches a day.

“Fazer is known for good taste, and taste always comes first for us in everything. We want to be a pioneer in influencing what and how Finns eat. However, tastes and trends are continuously changing, which is why we have to evolve and ensure continuous development of the chefs of our restaurants. An example of cutting-edge know-how in taste is Fazer Culinary Team Finland’s victory in the Culinary Olympics in October 2016. We want to extend this type of great, cutting-edge culinary know-how to cover the entire Fazer Food Services,” says Marianne Nordblom, director of gastronomy and food development, Fazer Food Services Finland.

Fazer’s mission is food with a purpose. In practice, this is fulfilled with more than 130,000 customers every day. Fazer has about 600 restaurants throughout Finland. Fazer operates in Finland in all customer sectors: day care centres, schools, places of study, workplaces and sheltered accommodation. The company’s services include home-delivered meals and event restaurants.

“We currently employ 3,300 skilled and motivated food professionals. We are looking to expand our team with people who want to be more than a cook or a chef. A Gastro Chef is responsible for developing the daily gastronomy and quality assurance within their area, and takes part in developing the culinary skills of the personnel. They follow food trends and participate in product development. Gastro Chefs take part in, e.g. opening new restaurants and other events,” says Sari Saari, Vice President, Operations, Fazer Food Services Finland.


Great tastes and well-being for customers

Gastro Chefs will start in their positions after a training next autumn. Gastro Chefs’ duties include strengthening competence in the restaurants. Different kinds of Gastro Chefs are needed in the positions, because the final role will form and develop according to the area of responsibility and customers. The aim is also to further strengthen the customer experience.

“Last year, we invested in the customer experience by a comprehensive training programme for staff. In addition, we started a three-year brand reform if restaurants regarding our Amica and Fazer Food & Co brands. This year, we will focus on taste and raw materials management in all of our restaurants,” Sari Saari says.

 “The customers will notice the renewal, e.g. as a continuous renewal of food, development of taste, in food quality and as food stories. In addition, we will increase the use of seasonal raw materials. We offer Finns restaurant experiences that enhance well-being and bring joy and pleasure, on a daily basis,” Marianne Nordblom says.


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