Members of Fazer Foodathon jury

Jaana Korhola

Managing Director, Fazer Food Services Finland

Jaana Korhola has extensive experience in the fields of food services and well-being. She leads Fazer Food Services Finland, which offers taste sensations in over 600 restaurants all over Finland. The aim is to revamp how Finns experience their lunches, where both food, services and milieu are crucial factors. Vegetarian food has been chosen to be this year’s main theme in Fazer’s restaurants.


Eero Vottonen


Eero Vottonen has impressive experience from working in leading restaurants in Helsinki, Finland. Four of these restaurants were Michelin-starred. He has also successfully participated in several competitions in Finland and abroad. In 2016 he won the Global Chef Competition in Greece. He has coached and participated as a candidate in the Bocuse d’Or Competition. Currently, Eero Vottonen works as a freelance chef.


Marianne Nordblom

Director, Gastronomy & Food Development, Fazer Food Services Finland

Marianne Nordblom heads Fazer Food Services’ Gastronomy and Food Development team in Finland. Constant gastronomic development is strongly in her focus. A gold medal won in the Culinary Olympics’ Catering series in Germany in 2016 by the Fazer Culinary Team composed of Fazer Food Services’ top chefs is a good example of how lunch can be taken to a new level. Fazer’s restaurants are increasing the use of vegetables, which can be seen, for instance, in the presentation of food, training chefs and developing vegetarian recipes.


Miika Kostilainen

Director, Head of Café Business, Fazer Cafés

Miika Kostilainen is head of the Fazer Cafés business unit that reflects Fazer’s 125-year-old history. He is experienced in developing concepts and operations as well as in the practical management of a restaurant. He is a trained chef. Fazer Cafés showcase the Fazer offering and, under Miika’s leadership, focus on first-class consumer experience by offering taste sensations and exquisite service.


Päivi Juolahti

Head of Renewal, Fazer Group

Päivi Juolahti leads the Fazer Group Renewal function which is a multi-disciplinary team consisting of experts in research, new business development, and open innovation. The purpose of the function is to create and capitalise on proprietary insights and innovations that renew Fazer. Päivi also leads a major research and business development programme called Fazer Brainhow. Fazer Brainhow creates a science-based understanding of the impact of nutrition, sleep, and mental and physical exercise on our cognitive performance and well-being. Based on this understanding, Fazer aims to create new product and service innovations together with partners in an ever-evolving ecosystem.


Heli Anttila

Vice President, Innovations, Fazer Bakery

Heli Anttila is head of R&D at Fazer Bakery. She is responsible for product development, packaging development, process development, legislation and product information. The aim is to develop plant-based and innovative bakery products that inspire consumers. The popularity and innovative use of vegetables can be seen, for example, in the internationally rewarded Fazer root vegetable breads, in which over one third of the flour has been replaced by root vegetables. Fazer’s target is to develop the bread category in an innovative way. The Fazer Belly Friendly Rye bread recently won the international NutraIngredients Awards 2017 competition in the Healthy Food of the Year category.