Fazer Foodathon winner: Vegan Egg Fazer believes that plant-based foods will be a solution in the future of the food and we all can work towards a healthier, more sustainable future.

Fazer Foodathon, a hackaton to create new solutions in plant-based food was arranged last weekend 19.-21.5. at Haaga-Helia Campus in Helsinki. Fazer believes that plant-based foods will be a solution in the future of the food and we all can work towards a healthier, more sustainable future.

Amazingly enthusiastic and diverse group of people from nuclear scientist to Michelin star chefs, nutrition biotechnologists to marine biologists and from software developers to entrepreneurs and culinary management students spent their weekend at Fazer Foodathon hacking together the food of the future. Divided into 10 teams, Foodathon hackers were tackling two challenges - designing new plant-based dishes, cooking techniques and raw material combinations, and figuring out their ways on how to market them.

The winning teams

The prize of 5000 euros was shared between three teams: Vegg, Oaty and Foodalytics. Egg International, the company behind the winning team Vegg, will be working with Fazer developing the concept further and introducing it to Fazer customers. “We are excited to explore new products that will help to change how we think about vegetarian food. We are looking for a product that is completely new, scalable, and has a market potential”, said Jaana Korhola, Managing Director of Fazer Food Services Finland, the chair of the jury at Fazer Foodathon.

Foodathon presented a wide range of ideas - from new products and services to new concepts and food processing technologies. The winner, Vegg by Egg International, hacked traditional recipes like bread and pastry with vegan egg made of tofu.The runner-up, Oaty team, aimed to diversify vegetarian food with products and snacks made of fermented oats. The other runner-up, Foodalytics (Super Food Girls) created a concept of magic spoon that collects data about your food intake and environmental footprint and sends it to your phone so that you become more aware of how nutritious and environmentally-friendly choice you made. This team was also awarded by Arthur Potts-Dawson, the famous green chef from the UK who participated in the Fazer Foodathon as a mentor.

Fazer welcomes collaboration, encourages to co-creation and innovation, and that is why we organized the Fazer Foodathon. Fazer will discuss and co-create the ideas presented at Fazer Foodathon further with the teams. With these ideas we aim to change people’s consumption patterns and turn plant-based food into a more mainstream option.

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