The wide range of dietary needs of our elderly guests require special nutritional know-how, which we’re proud to have exceptional expertise in. The food moments of the day also play an important part in the social lives of our elderly guests. Emotional understanding is especially important when working with the elderly guests – as a smile and compassion can truly make their everyday lives better. So what kind of food experience do your seniors want? And how can you match those needs with your operational goals?

When food is a special occasion

Food should be healthy and nutritious. And food is more than fuel.

Seniors want food that's presented with a smile, nutritious and tastes good. If each meal is a highlight of the day, the whole food experience needs to be considered, whether served at home, to the room or in a restaurant-like environment.

Food isn't the only thing you've got to think about, but it's important for you, your clients and their relatives.

Nutritious taste sensations as a cost-effective service

Food and service quality balance with the economic resources available. Operational excellence and smart ingredient sourcing mean you can source good food at a reasonable price.

You need to satisfy your clients by meeting national nutritional recommendations and offering a variety of dishes in an amicable atmosphere. You may also want the option of meals for visiting relatives and guests, and special events such as international themes − perhaps even a glass of wine.

Attention to detail matters, including respect for tradition, flavours of the season and an understanding of what a smile can do.

Based on listening to your needs, our goal is to offer a solution that improves the well-being of your seniors and supports your business needs and objectives. In order to follow-up and be proactive for continuous operational improvement, you can track client and guest satisfaction.

Good, affordable food

Fresh and responsibly-sourced food costs more, but can it cost less than you think?

We choose our suppliers carefully and work hard to optimize sourcing volumes to provide good food at a reasonable price. And meet increasing demands on menu variety and metrics for ethically-sourced food with positive ecological impacts. When it comes to food, even small steps can make a big difference.

So how can you meet fundamental dietary requirements, such as energy and protein levels, and texture modifications without sacrificing taste? Our dieticians create meals based on the specifics you require and we're happy to learn from your personnel as well as share our knowledge in the areas of diet, hygiene, responsible sourcing, waste reduction and food presentation.

salmon bites

On hygiene and safety, each meal is prepared with specialist knowledge, whether as a full restaurant service, food delivery or home meal.

We want you to be proud of your food. And as the leading family-owned Nordic food service supplier we can support you to meet service level agreements, simplify administration and manage operational costs for food and logistics over the longer term.

Your food experience. Our focus.

What we say is what we do

More information on needs identification, KPIs and targeted solutions can be found in our Buyer's Guide. And don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to discuss other topics related to food services.

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