Food moments bring important joy to people’s lives when they spend time in the hospital and have problems with their health. Good nutrition plays an important part in the healing process. Our nutritional understanding and compassionate customer service build the foundation for the quality food services we provide in the field of healthcare.

Patient food for all the senses

From the moment you experience our food we want you to know that it's ours. What you see. What you hear. What you smell. The smile of the staff. The touch of a clean plate and, last but not least, the taste of good food.

In healthcare you set out clear specifications for what you need. Our responsibility is then also clear. While you focus on the patients, we can focus on the food.

Meet your specifications

Food is fuel. It provides energy, vitamins, minerals, salts and other elements needed for health and well-being. Whether 1700 or 2600 calories a day, you know what specific patient groups need.

Food is also more than fuel. It's about composing menus, providing individual choices and enjoying taste sensations. It's about special diets, understanding allergies, energy needs and respect for age and cultural differences.

Even when patients have their own rooms, the setting, the service and a few kind words are often shared. Food is an experience that's often shared, and that in itself can be important for a patient's well-being.

The age of the old hospital canteen is no more. Gone are the queues and the lack of choice.

Food impacts health and morale and if you get it wrong you're going to hear about it. At the same time, innovation in the field of food, including delivery models and patient choice, means that food sourcing has never been this interesting.

Freedom to choose

It is possible to let patients choose what they want to eat and when they want to eat it.

You can even reduce food waste by giving patients control over leftovers to be put in a fridge and reheated later on. This is valuable for ecological reasons, naturally, and appreciated by clients whose appetites may well be out of sync.

Good food costs more but does it have to have to cost as much as you think? Along with your satisfaction measurements, budget and cost targets need to be met. This process can be helped by a supplier leveraging economies of scale.

Small tapas

What we say is what we do

Fazer Food Services is an experienced supplier.

By listening to your needs, and understanding your specifications, we can serve good food from fresh ingredients and offer a variety of menu options to meet nutritional demands and taste expectations.

Attention to detail matters. Two types of potatoes, a smile from the chef and ice cream on a sunny day will make a difference. While you focus on the overall medical picture, let us take care of the food.

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