The restaurant is the heart of the real estate, with a significant impact on the value and attractiveness of the property. A quality restaurant attracts tenants and makes the real estate buzz as visitors from both inside and outside the building come to enjoy its services. In addition to serving food and drinks, the restaurant can act as an inspiring co-working space, improving the atmosphere of the whole real estate – leading to long-term tenants and providing grounds for higher rent level. Food matters for your tenants and can add real value to your business. So what kind of food experience are you looking for?

Food at the heart of your development?

Food matters and because it's not any kind of service we focus on it.

Although food's not the only thing you and your tenants have to think about, it's becoming more and more important in terms of where we want to work and how we want to spend our time. Attraction rates and stable long-term tenancies can be supported by a professional food service provider.

Together we can build brand, innovate and deliver guest satisfaction. And to control costs we can optimize capacity utilisation and make the most of the space available, with breakfast, restaurant, café, meeting, catering and event services all available from the same supplier.

Do all meetings have to be held behind closed doors? Do you like to sit down in a relaxed environment with guests and a cup of coffee? Food areas are often underutilised, with potential that can be unlocked by a bit of creativity.

Satisfied guests, long-term tenants

Good food cooked from fresh ingredients is good nutrition, providing the energy we need for the day.

Salad chicken

And food is more than fuel. The whole experience impacts guest satisfaction and net promoter scores. From the moment you walk into one of our restaurants we hope you'll know we're running it. What you see. What you hear. What you smell. The smile of the staff. The touch of a clean plate. The craft of the chef and the taste of good food sourced ethically.

Can taste experiences help you to attract and retain the tenants you're looking for? Can a stable, family-owned food service supplier optimize the space available, boost revenue and help manage costs over the long term?

"If the food's not good my tenants are going to tell me. And Quick. It's that simple."

- Sara Widforss, Leasing Agent, Klövern

"If the food's not good my tenants are going to tell me. And quick. It's that simple."

As a professional business partner we hope you can harvest the opportunities provided by good food. And you can realize synergies, and improve investment returns, by reducing administration and transaction costs across your real estate portfolio.

A choice of brands

How important is food for you? And what kind of food service - breakfast, restaurant, café, meetings, catering and events - are your tenants interested in?

Let's talk if you're looking for a vibrant and welcoming restaurant and café area for your property, inspiration from the award-winning Fazer Culinary team, an ethical approach to sourcing and positive ecological impacts.

Your food experience. Our focus.

More information on needs identification, KPIs and solutions can be found in the Buyer's Guide. And don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to discuss other topics related to food services.

What we say is what we do

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