What and how we eat affects the whole working day and beyond, acting as a base for productivity and happiness. A well-designed restaurant experience can be the source of fruitful co-working, increase employee happiness and eventually lead to the interest of new talent. This way the food service provider can act as a supporting factor in employer branding. So what kind of experience are you looking for?

Food for all the senses

From the moment you walk into one of our restaurants we want you to know we're running it. What you see. What you hear. What you smell. The smile of the staff. The touch of a clean plate. The craft of the chef and, last but not least, the taste of good food.

The age of the old lunch canteen is gone. You and your employees want food that provides energy for the working day and a food experience that doesn't fade, even if you eat in the same restaurant every day.

Good food prepared from fresh ingredients equals good nutrition. And if you want to add inspiration from an award-winning culinary team, a responsible approach to sourcing, local produce and more vegetables then let's talk.

Food to attract the best talent

Nutrition is important for energy levels and productivity. Yet food is more than fuel.

Our job is to listen to your needs, innovate and deliver the food experience you want. That's an experience that includes physical well-being, an attractive environment, quality service and taste sensations. 

Our staff will look you in the eye and greet you with a smile. It's hard to measure, but an attractive restaurant should help you attract the best talent, impress local business partners and welcome international guests.

You know a good restaurant and when you eat there several times a week, it's got to be good. You don't want to stand in a queue. You want personnel you know and a food experience that doesn't fade.

A food philosophy that's more than lunch

Fresh, local and responsibly-sourced food costs more but can it cost less than you think?

Butternut squash

You and your colleague care more and more about what you eat at work. A history of focusing on food has taught us this and that we now need to listen, learn and innovate more than ever before.

Are offices the best place to have meetings? Do meetings have to take place behind closed doors? Perhaps you can utilise your restaurant better and more frequently. Pick up a smoothie, sandwich and fresh fruit for breakfast and then, later on, have creative meetings in a relaxed setting.

So what are you thinking about? From breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks to catering for local and international guests, Fazer Food Services can provide restaurant, meeting and catering services all rolled into one.

We want you to be proud of your restaurant. And if we can build a business partnership based on listening, sharing and innovation, we'll probably succeed. Your food experience. Our focus.

Read more about our solutions and brands. And more ideas about food service procurement and follow-up KPIs can be found in the Buyer's Guide.

What we say is what we do

What do our customers have to say? Head to the cases section for some more insight and don't hesitate to contact us if you want to talk.