Feeding our children healthy and diverse food is truly an investment in the future. Eating well is important for physical wellbeing and growth, but its importance goes even further than that. Good nutrition contributes to learning, as the kids feel well and stay focused – which makes the teachers’ work easier. Proper food education is also the foundation to healthiness later in life.

Children who want to eat and eat what they want

Food matters. It matters to parents, it matters to children and it matters to schools. And that's why we put our heart into it.

School meals have to meet legislated nutritional requirements and support concentration and learning. Food is also more than fuel. It needs to be both appealing and appetizing because the food that really matters is the food that's eaten.

Basket ingredients

Discussions about food can easily dominate parental meetings but the age of the old, captive canteen is gone. The food environment needs to be pleasant, safe and educational, and each child greeted with a smile. The impact of professional and welcoming personnel shouldn't be underestimated, not least when encouraging children to eat meals they otherwise wouldn't."A member of the restaurant staff even said she was looking forward to the end of her holiday so she could meet the kids."
− Peter Welch, Head Teacher, International School of Helsinki

"A member of the restaurant staff even said she was looking forward to the end of her holiday so she could meet the kids."


Mealtimes are a natural part of the day and good food can help teachers to focus on the optimal development of each child. The restaurant should be a place where children feel comfortable and want to be, even being able to further their food education and learn more about nutrition, ethical sourcing, food waste and the importance of less meat and more vegetables.

Logistics may also be important if you have limited kitchen space or serving lines. Our experience suggests there is always a solution − hot food delivered, or cold food for reheating on site in a safe and hygienic manner - once we've listened, discussed and fully understood your needs.

Balance and well-being

Food and service quality have to be balanced against the economic resources available. Operational excellence and smart ingredient sourcing mean that you can source good food at a reasonable price.

We choose our suppliers carefully and work hard to optimize sourcing volumes to provide good food at a reasonable price. And meet increasing demands on menu variety and metrics for ethically-sourced food with positive ecological impacts. When it comes to food, even small steps can make a big difference.

Food is an important and sensitive subject. Children have their favourite dishes and parents have a memory of how school food is, or at least used to be. So how can you provide nutritious meals, taste sensations and food that children want to eat? All at a reasonable price?

Positive food for education

Fresh, local and ethically-sourced food costs more. But can it cost less than you think?

Sustainability means respecting social, economic and ecological resources equally. And this balance is something we strive to support you with while working on our own corporate responsibility.

More than lunch? To improve capacity utilisation you can add breakfast and in-between meals, such as healthy snacks, coffee and a cake for teacher meetings and catering for events. All additional services that you may want to provide.

We want you to be proud of your food and as a leading, family-owned Nordic food service supplier we can support you to please children, parents and teachers. And at the same time meet service level agreements, simplify administrative processes and manage operational costs for food and logistics over the longer term.

Your food experience. Our focus.

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More information on needs identification, KPIs and targeted solutions can be found in our Buyer's Guide. And don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to discuss other topics related to food services.

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